CambodgeOur first stay will be in Cambodia, in order to discover its traditional shadow theatre in its most popular form:  Lakaon Sbèk Touch. The technique had almost disappeared, but now, thanks to the work of local actors, it rises again from the ashes of the human and cultural disaster brought about by the Khmer Rouge. We will learn how to make and manipulate shadows with the professional members of Kok Thlok, settled in Phnom Penh, the capital. We will also follow them during their tours of village performances so as to study their relation to audiences.

We have chosen the story of His Majesty Ricecrust, a Cambodian traditional tale from  Solange Thierry and Yveline Féray’s collection of Cambodian tales in French. Ricecrust is a poor orphan, and a brave and resourceful fisherman. His generosity will be rewarded both by Indra, the god of courage and royal power, and by the Nâgas, serpent-shaped deities from Indian origin, that will give him a magic jewel. A dog and a cat will help him througout his adventures. After many of them, he will become the king of Cambodia.

The musician  will collect samples of the various sounds of Cambodian instruments, particularly metallophones and flutes. Besides his piano composition and performance, he will add the sounds of some traditional instruments thanks to samples.