PérouLa Diablada, a widespread very popular dance in the Andean Altiplano, is a blend of prehispanic cults and catholic worship. In Puno, by Lake Titicaca, it takes place during the celebrations of the Virgin of Candlemas. We will attend the Virgin of Carmen Festival in Paucartambo, near Cusco. Masked dancers wander about the streets to celebrate the Virgin in a profusion of music and dances. Amiel Cayo, a comedian and specialist in Peruvian masks will introduce us to these dances and create masks for us.

We will draw our inspiration from these festivals, and more particularly from the masks of diabolical animals, to show episodes of the tales we will select. We intend to tell legends from the Titicaca region : how the lake sprang from god Inti’s tears; why it is shaped like a puma ready to leap; how the fishermen learnt their trade from a bird…We will deal with the delicate balance between human beings and Pacha Mamma, Mother Nature.

The musician will learn the rhythms used in Peruvian music, in order to mix them later  with soufi and shamanic rhythms. He will collect samples of the various sounds of some traditional instruments (« huankara », a big drum,  « charango », a small guitar, « zamponia » or panpipe, « quena », a flute, and « pututu », a conch shell ). He will then create music to be played live on stage, and developping according to the tale thanks to the samples. He will take part in the dialogues and action while playing the « tombak », a drum with a great variety of sounds particularly fit for the accompaniment of tale-telling.